Welcome to Creative Enterprises INC:

We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Lawrenceville, GA dedicated to assisting adults with disabilities and others with barriers to employment in maximizing their potential. We offer a variety of programs and services to help these individuals obtain an optimal level of social, vocational, and economic independence!

Annual survey results from clients, staff and caregivers:

We survey all our stakeholders annually to make sure we’re delivering the best service possible, and the latest survey results show we’re accomplishing our goals.

Client satisfaction is a key indicator of how our clients feel about the programs and environment at Creative Enterprises. The survey results show overwhelmingly positive results in every area measured: Rights respected, health/safety, client choice of classes and activities in which they can participate, personal services, and overall satisfaction. The overall “very satisfied” or “satisfied” result is 90.15%.

Parent or caregiver satisfaction levels are also very high. In every area measured, 100% of the results were “very satisfied” or “satisfied.”

Staff satisfaction levels show very encouraging results, and we’re making some changes to push those levels even higher. Because we had more “satisfied” responses than “very satisfied” in the communication and health/safety areas, we’ve changed the way we inform staff of schedule updates; we also have begun using a group text-message platform that gets information out to all staff more quickly. We’re also reviewing health and safety policies to make sure we’re doing everything possible to keep everyone healthy. Even though the survey shows 100% of responses were either “very satisfied” or “satisfied,” we want to make those “very satisfied” responses go up in the next survey.

Our goal is for Creative Enterprises to improve the lives of everyone we work with—our clients, our staff and the families and caregivers of our clients. While we’re very gratified by the results of this survey, we’re never going to stop looking for ways to improve.

Mission Statement

The mission of Creative Enterprises is to assist individuals with disabilities and others with barriers to employment in maximizing their potential.


CEI’s values were developed with input from our staff, those served in our programs, and our board of directors in the Spring of 2009.  These values are a reflection of what we believe to be most important to our accomplish our mission.

Those we serve come first.
The person-centered focus is on our participants, their needs, safety, and growth toward their hopes and dreams.  Our staff strives to be proactive and creative in helping participants reach goals, to be patient and compassionate in all situations, and to help participants maximize their potential to enjoy a life filled with opportunities.

Respect for all persons.
All persons are shown the same respect, regardless of their ability or disability.  This is achieved through communicating in an effective and honest manner with staff and clients, recognizing the advantages of diversity, and showing loyalty to the organization.

Choose your attitude.
An atmosphere of praise and positive reinforcement leads to success, inspiration, personal productivity and increased self-esteem for clients and staff alike.

Provide excellence in service.
Selecting, hiring and training quality staff of high moral character and integrity, producing quality products for business partners, with an exemplary work ethic by both staff and clients, and a team approach coupled with individual accountability by every staff member for the well-being and success of each participant.


Main Building – 770-962-3908
Greenhouse – 678-300-4765
Day Habilitation – 770-338-7955

Employment Opportunities

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Admissions and Services

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Main Building – 770-962-6624
Day Habilitation – 770-338-8664

Mailing Address

Please address all correspondence to:

Creative Enterprises, Inc.
701 Hi Hope Lane
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Staff List & Email

Leigh McIntosh – Executive Director

Lisa Bennett – Director (Forsyth Campus)

Reid Laurens – Director of Finance & Compliance

Carol Barth – Director of Services

Sherry Patton – Director of Programs and Production

Brandi Cook – Program and Client Services Manager

Courtney Dennis – Employment Services Coordinator

Aaisha Khokhar – Client Services Manager

Sydney Couch – Production Manager

LaTrecia Raffety – Art Services Manager

Laura Hayes – Office Manager

Gail Green – Day Habilitation Manager

JoAnna Cox – Greenhouse Manager

Ben York – Employment Services Manager

Robyn Huff – Placement Specialist